Camping Wood is a very old forest which at the beginning was a park. People stopped coming to the park because they thought it was hunted because several people died there during the same year (1978). In the 90s, people started coming to Camping Wood again and it became more like a campsite.

Camping Wood is open 24/7 and all days of the year except 29/12 - 2/1.
Most of the wood in Camping Wood is birch. You can cut wood for yourself and burn them, but you have to ask the staff first. Always remember to pick after you and leave the place as you first saw it when you came here.

I wish you a good campsite!



Camping is a fantastic opportunity to get closer to nature, escape daily routines, and deeply relax. While some people opt for “glamping,” and bring everything from gourmet foods to solar power panels and Wi-Fi receivers, camping is also a chance to explore a calmer, more natural state of mind, and truly get away from it all.

Ins and Outs of Hiking

Swimming and Water Activities

Bird and Wildlife Watching

Nature or Wildlife Photography

Piling or Balancing Rocks

And a lot more!



During a camping, there are several necessary things that you can use, such as the well or the aging place. We also have special routes for hiking that you can use so you don't get lost.

Good things that you can bring with you that you will have good use of are sleeping bags, tents, matches and so on.

If you see that one of the things you can use has disappeared or is broken then you have to call immediately and we will fix everything for 24 hours. You are responsible for your own things but if they are stolen you can either call us and we will report it to the police or you can call the police directly.



Toilets are very important to have so that you do not poop or pee anywhere so we have fixed so that there is at least one toilet in each place that you can reach so you can find a toilet in almost every 10 min you go.

In the local campsite we also have a laundry room and an emergency room so that if there are accidents there are materials that you can use.
The laundry room is there because if you have fallen and all the clothes got dirty then you can use the laundry room or if you are going to camp for several days you can also wash your clothes but you have to bring your own detergents to be able to wash.



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