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Hotbox camping, the perfect place to spend your day, or even night! This camping site offers a wide variety of activities that you can do, not to mention the extraordinary wildlife. This brand new campingsite is located in Bredäng kommun.
Although this area is a nature reserved spot, you can still do lots of things. As long as you take care of the nature!
We strive to make this camping experience unforgettable for you.
Therefore we have employees working on the area to take care of the nature reserve, to make it easier for you.
There are lakes nearby and lots of nature to explore. You won't find yourself struggling to find something to do, and if you do we offer a wide verity of activites.
We hope that you will enjoy your time here and come back soon! A camp site is nothing without it's visitors.

We provide great service, in our lounge we havea cafeteria and a small movie saloon for the younger kids.
We also respect your privacy if you'd like to stay somewhere else you are more than welcome to rent one of the four rental houses we provide. It's in walking distance of the camp site. Also there are toilets spread out over the campsite, normal toilets included in rental house and there are in the lounge also. Read more!

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, with the exception of hollidays.


While you spend time here, you can relax by the beautiful lakes and listen to music, or you could go out on a walk.
Know that we will give you the option to do the things below, and we can assure you that you will love to spend your time golfing, which also happens to be the most popular of activities here on the camp site. So we strongly advice you to bring your family and enjoy the experience.

Rental Canoe (Costs 50 SEK an hour/person)
Walking one of the many tracks we have
Minigolf (Costs 50 SEK/person)
Grilling Area
Movie nights in the reception/lounge for the youth

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There are currently no news, but please check back some other time for news! Thank you, best regards from Hotbox camping crew.

Contact us & Service

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the campsite, or anything in general! We have an email that you can send your question to. Click "contact me" at the very bottom to contact us or just simply below. We'll try and respond as fast as possible! Though on hollidays it might be hard to get an answer, so keep that in mind. If you'd like to ask someone on the camp site we have a reception in the small timber house at the entrance.


Store & Diner

We might not provide a full on dinner for you, but we sure assure that you can find snacks and sandwiches in our cafeteria. What makes this cafeteria unique is that you can also purchase items you would normaly also find in a grociery shop.

Rental House

Here at Hotbox camping we have four rental houses if you'd like to stay here instead of putting a tent.
Our rental houses are fairly cheap going for only 400 SEK / night.
In the rental houses you'll have acess to water and a kitchen. With the water it includes faucets, a shower and a sink.
If anything were to occur feel free to call us at +46704201337