Camping during autumn. As the days of summer are behind us the great season of fall is arriving. Camping during fall might sound cold and horrible. Our guests have always enjoyed their camping a lot more during fall season and our staff at Castra camping can totally understand why. The fall foliage just makes everything so much more beautiful which makes your camping experience greater. and don’t forget about the mass decrease of bugs that occurs during autumn You will definitely enjoy your activities a lot more. You won’t be sweating like you would during summer, and the beautiful scenery will bring a smile to your face.



There are a lot of activities when you are camping. Here are a few activities our camping site peaks in.



Hiking trail

Newbie path: there is nothing wrong with starting something new on a simpler difficulty, our newcomers path is 2.5 km and will take approximately 30 minutes to finish. During this hike you will cross a tiny bridge over a gorgeous lake with swans

Longer hikes: This route is a bit more difficult and not really recommended for newbies. This path is 6 km long and will take around 1.5 hours to complete during this hike you will go through a big moss forest. in this forest there are chanterelles and a lot of them so feel free to pick some, they will make a great stew.


A lake

Fishing is a great activity the joy of catching your own food in the early mornings will make you feel alive like never before. The types of fish that you can find during autumn are largemouth bass, northern pike, pike, walleye and of course salmon. We have a large amount of fishing supplies everything that you’ll need for fishing can be found next to our beautiful lake Rosea.



Cooking is a fine thing to do in nature some might say the food tastes better when cooked outside instead of your usual kitchen. Unfortunately many home recipes aren’t constructed to be cooked outdoors which means you the camper have to work around the recipe to make the most delicious meal possible. One-pot meals are perfect to be cooked in a portable stove. You get less mess and that’s a huge advantage, having fewer dishes to clean up means you’ll get more time to sit by your campfire and enjoy camping to the fullest and who actually likes to do their dishes?




Some camping tips. If this is your first camping trip some tips might make your experience a bit more enjoyable. We just think that it would be a shame if you go far from home and realize that you forgot something or that you did not pack correctly and now you are struggling to unpack your backpack.


Be organized

Have separate bags for each cooking ingredient and label them with name tags, prep ahead of time for each meal and freeze them, they will stay fresher for a longer period of time. Cut your vegetables at home so that you don't have to struggle with a knife on a uneven surface outdoors.

Be prepared for the worst

when you’re outside there’s no telling of what could go wrong. Maybe you step in a puddle that you didn’t see and now your socks are wet, have extra clothing always, the last thing you want is to get sick during a camping trip. Get a multi tool, by owning a multi tool you don’t have to carry many different tools in your bag which will save room while being prepared for many scenarios at the same time.


If you have any trouble finding your way to us just call anytime between 6 am and 18 pm. we provide with direction and support no matter the situation.

number: 0735865788