Camp Crystal Lake

Are you and your friends or family planning go to camping this summer? Then we welcome you to Camp Crystal Lake, this is the camping place you are looking for if you want to have a good quality time with your friends but at the same time enjoy Mother Nature.


Here in our camp there are around 50 cabins that comes in different sizes which is perfect for both small or large families/friends. Near the cabins there is a big campfire spot where we gather to have a nice time. The cabins are different from each other depending on which size you choose, from having less or more rooms and the list below will show an overview on how the cabins are different. We recommend you not to take your car to the camping since we don’t want to affect the wildlife. You could take your bike or just take a walk from the bus station to the camp. We have stations to lock your bikes. upp


The camp offers three meals a day that is included for you and your family/friends so you don’t have to worry about that part, but if someone in your family or one of your friends is allergic to anything or can’t eat some ingredient for any reason you should reach out to us and tell what we could replace it just for your friend or family member to get you informed about what kind of food we have down below.



We offer many different things to do here in the camp as you can see in the picture we have different sports events one of which is beachball. We let family’s or groups of friends compete with each other and you can have very much fun socializing with other people. If you are not that competitive then you can just play these sports in your own time whenever you feel for it. You can however come and cheer for those who want to take part in these sports. Sports are not our only activity we have other activities too and you can read about themhere. upp


One of our activities is hiking which could sound boring but you will know how fun it can be. We have to inform you about the forest you’re going to hike on and the animals that live there. The forest is a dense one which means many trees, we recommend not trying any of the plants or even taking samples because there is good and bad plants but we don’t want to harm the nature. When it comes to animals you should know that we do not have dangerous animals in the forest and the animals we have here are very friendly and during hiking you will stumble upon animals that will approach you for food and you can give them foods that they eat which you will get from us before we go out on the hiking. upp


By using the map that is provided on this site you can find your way to our camping place. upp

For further information please
Contact the head of the Camping Ground Ulugbek Sabiraliev
Last updated: 2018-11-29