Welcome to Camp Flure! - Award Winning Camp 2018


You can make camping a lot funnier with activities! Here on the camp, we have many different activities for all ages. Activities for sunny and rainy days, from games in your tent to riding jet Ski in the big lake.

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⚫ Climbing trees with ropes

We have a very big area, about 500 m² with trees, wooden bridges, obstacles, and cable railways. This is one of the most popular activities we have on the camp. It is an exciting and funny activity that makes your stomach tickle.

⚫ Rent a vehicle

Jet Skis and quad bikes are available to rent. Prices and open hours for rent are in the tab “about us”.

⚫ Running tracks

Running tracks are everywhere. All tracks start next to the tavern into the woods. In the winter season you can ride cross-country skis on the tracks instead of running.

Food & Fire

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Food and beverages are very important when you're out in nature. You always need to fill up your tank and we have the alternatives for your choice.

We have a restaurant in our Tavern with many different Swedish home cooked meals, a wide assortment of snacks and original Italian Gelato ice cream.

Our kiosk by the beach is open on summer days. If you want to cook or bbq your own meals there are camping fires around the camp.


This is a picture of the entrance from one of the tracks

The Tavern can be found to the left when entering Camp Flure. In the tavern, we have a restaurant with many different Swedish home cooked meals, a wide assortment of snacks and original Italian Gelato ice cream.

Big dining room for your own food.
Toilets and dressing rooms are available.

The tavern can be booked for :
⚫And other activities

Contact us by email: info@flurecamp.se

Find us

From Stockholm city with a car:

Turn left on Kungsgatan to Kungsbron
Turn right into the highway (E4N/E18/E20)
Continue drive on the highway torwards Täby
Take the third exit to road 262
To the right on the way, there will be a sign that says Camp Flure.

From Stockholm city with public transportation :

Take the subway from Central Station towards Mörby centrum
Get off at Mörby centrum
Take the bus (607) towards Karolinska sjukhuset norra
Get off at Rösjön
From there just follow the signs to Camp Flure

About us

Flure Camp is a highly popular Camp not too long from Stockholm and is free to visit any time of the year. Here on the camp, you can book a camping spot for your caravans or just camp with a tent in a specific space. Another alternative is just to visit for a day, and I promise you will not regret it. Here on the camp do we have a This is a picture off a house by the lake

⚫ Tavern with a restaurant

⚫ A big beach

⚫ Many activities

⚫ Tracks for running and cross-country skis

and many more things. Read more!