Are you tired of your daily life routine , coming home from work after a long day and you sit down in front of the tv the rest of the night? If you want to change that and recover yourself then Set Free camp is the right place for you!

Here we offer you a perfect camping life combined with creative activities such as paddling or football. You could also try our new outside gym!


Set Free camp started up a long time ago with the mail goal being a camp like no other , and it has been like that until today and forward. We are currently the only camp in Sweden that offers a vast majority of options about camping, because in Set Free camp you are almost free to do anything.

For example last year we changed a bunch of things in the vicinity of our camp, we increased the size of the camp itself and opened up a whole new ground the the woods. Were people interested in living closer to the nature can set up their camps with ease.

In addition to that we always collect your feedback when you enter and leave our camp, when we first fired up the camp we got a lot of complaints about food and space. However that changed quickly when we got a new set of staff with higher education about food and service, as well as expanding the camp. Since we care about your time here at Set Free camp we are continuing to collect your feedback since day one and forward, making this a better place for everyone to fit in.


Set Free has made it clear to everyone that visits this place that there is room for almost every sport or activity here. People are free to practice football, cricket and even rent a kayak to have a pleasant ride on the lake.

However if you decide to stay here for more than three days you have to try out our complex outside-gym, featuring more that you expect plus a little more. It is simply a must! Below you are some additional information about Activities :

Going out paddling is a great choice if you want to relax for some time.
Hireing a kayak for yourself will cost you about 99 kr / person and you
will be able to freely ride around for 40 minutes until you have to come back.
More info about safety can you read Here

Outside - Gym

Exclusive for Set Free camp is our own built gym in the middle of the woods
were you could train as much as 27 different muscle groups! Everyone can
access it on the camp, but be aware of the rules before entering


People often complain about food when they are eating outside their homes. However we people at Set Free camp have decided to keep our dishes on a top-level to ensure that you never go hungry. We have our own small restaurant will a team of 8 people working in the kitchen with each and everyone having a good education.

Our menu is quite broad with meals, breakfast and evening snacks served on different times. Furthermore our dishes vary from vegetarian to special indian meals.

But most important is that you have to try our most famous dish, the Beef Wellington, medium-rare quality beef smeared in crushed peanuts and finally wrapped around in a crispy doe. In addition to that if you desire something truley special like homecooked lasagna with a unique recepie you can hand over your recipie to one of our waitresses, which then comes to the kitched were your meal will be custom made, just for you.

But the excitement doesn't stop there , for the kids we are offering a non-spice pumpkin pie soup for free everymorning from 07:00-12:00. As you can see we have something for everyone here at Set Free camp.

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