Welcome to Green woods Camp experience the nature in the full. Take some friends relax at the bonfire. In the days explore the woods. We keep you busy and you can enjoy the food at a amazing view at the lake or eat in your tent and take a nap. No one can judge you here away from civilization.


There's a big variety of activities you can do. For example, you can take some friends and play with the games that we rent out. Play a match of soccer or maybe play some volleyball. Or maybe you like to explore the woods around the camping site. We provide you with a map and a compass. You also have an emergency button that our rescue team can find you if you're lost. We can also provide you with a boat if you like fishing but you need a fishing card. We can even provide you with a rowing boat for you to see the beautiful lake and nature. Or you can just sit and relax at a bonfire place with some of your friends You can even buy food for the bonfire. In the summers we have a beach that is always watched by a guard for safety reasons. In the winter's you can even rent skates to go on the ice. We provide the equipment if do not have it for your own safety. Everybody is welcome to our camping. If you have never been camping before we have guides that explain everything that you need to know. How to set up your tent, how to start a fire what to do if it's raining. You just need to ask if your wondering we are always available at the tavern.


when you go out in the wild you need to be prepared. You need to call us or contact us so that you have a place to stay. You can stay here for two nights for free but after that you need to make payments to stay. We have a variety of tent fields you can choose from. If you like near the water or maybe deep in the woods we have it all. Just contact us in time and we get you what you want. Bring some friends to make the enjoy the experience even more


The food when you come to our camping you should have some with you just for the day or just like a snack when you just hungry but not enough to eat a whole meal. But if you want to eat a whole meal you want to have a portable stove with you so you can cook your meal. You need to have a water bottle so you can cook your meal. You can always refill your bottle with water if you ever run out. You can also buy meals at the tavern if you ever run out of food. You can also buy portable stoves at the tavern if you do not have it at home. We provide you also with lighter fluid to start your cooking. Things we provide:

  • Lighter fluid
  • Portable Stove
  • Food
  • Place to eat
  • Tavern

    You can find what you need to survive in the woods. We supply you with any things that you need. You can buy food,portable stove. In the tavern you can rent everything that we provide. You can reach us the hole day. We have open the whole week here are our times: If there's ever a emergency you can always call 112 or we can help you if we are open.

    About us

    You can always look up as the map you see to right. We have staff that look after you if ever want some help or just looking to get some information. You have all the information at the bottom of the site to contact us. We provide you many activities that will keep you busy through the day. We have even a tavern where you can relax and enjoy the view. Our camp started in 1969 and has been active since then. We have over 40.000 campers every year. Many comeback to explore the woods once again. There are not so many accidents but they do happen and it always end in a good way. We are located in a very good location you can drive here or even walk to here form tullinge or tumba. We have maps through the woods that lead you straight here. Or you could look here at the digital map and find the best way for you. You can read more about us here

    Contact us
    mail Hubert.puchalski@edu.huddinge.se

    Lidavägen 1,
    146 33 Tullinge