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This website is about the breath-taking Lida. Lida is a place where lots of people enjoy the beautiful experience named camping. Camping is a refreshing activity that will relax your body and your mind. The elegant, fresh air will open your lungs and make you feel ten times better.
On this website we will be talking about:

  1. Food
  2. Wildlife
  3. Plants
  4. Tents
  5. How to find Lida
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Camping is a popular outdoor activity that most people enjoy since it involves one or more overnight getaway from the stressful daily routines into the arms of the breath-taking nature. They say camping is a great way to bond with friends, family, and mother nature. However, there is an important aspect of camping that people should consider which is how to stock up on food to get you through the experience since you probably can’t survive on delicious roasted marshmallows on camping fire. The types and amount of food to take on camping is highly dependent on how long the camping experience will be.
Water is, by far, the most crucial thing campers should always campers should remember to take in abundant amounts. Since...Continue Reading

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When people do activities in nature, they have to consider and respect the coexisting wildlife. When visiting someone's house, it is disrespectful to destroy or pollute their home. It should be the same when it comes to nature. There is a couple of rules that people must think about, and that includes:

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Plants live in peace do not destroy them for no reason at all. Plants, flowers, berries, and trees give nature its astonishing green color. You are allowed to pick up most flowers and berries. The law protects some plants which make it illegal to pick them up, so you are not allowed to pick it up.

There is nothing more refreshing than eating fresh blueberries. Everything tastes better when it is fresh from the plant. Chopping down trees is not allowed either. If you want to start a fire use some twigs you find on the ground, or already chopped up logs. Do not harm trees. Plants and trees are doing us a favor by cleaning up the air we breathe. Repay them with kindness not destruction.

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Tents are a cozy roof over your head. When it is raining outside, and you are sitting in a warm shelter, you get a fantastic feeling that guarantees the heartwarming feeling of a goosebump. But how are you supposed to find the perfect spot for the tent? The answer to that question is quite simple. You choose a place where it’s soft, and you set up your tent on top of a hill if the ground is not flat. Make sure your tent is set up correctly, so you can enjoy a good night sleep.

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Finding your way is not always easy. But luckily this website can show you what bus to take and how to find your way quickly. To the left, you can see your location on google maps. You can hold control on your keyboard and scroll with your mouse wheel to zoom in, or you can click “View larger map” to see a bigger image of the map. Hope to see you there.
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