Think abouts

Some things that you want to think about is what to bring. That is why we made a pack list so you won't forget something important.

Check the necessary items when you pack your bag and you will be good to go. Another thing that is good to remember are the rules since the camping is open for everyone is it crucial to leave the place as you found it. The right of public access is the rule that you have to follow for everyone to have the best experience as possible. Here are some sites you can visit to learn about the right of public access.

About us

We at life camping is an experienced group of explorers who like to be out in nature and relax.

By starting this business are we able to share the beauty of nature with some future explorers as well. We started the “Life Camping” 1972 and grown since then.

We are now the world's biggest camping business in the world. “Life Camping” owns soil as big as 20 000 football fields. that's 9 198 000 m² or 91 98 km² So we got plenty of room for people to explore and search for a place to rest.

Find us

class=rutarunt> We are located in Sweden at a place called Lida, the soil starts here but expands quickly in every administration. You can come here by:

- Train
- Car
- By foot
- Plane
- Helicopter

The plane runway and a helipad is for special occasions. It takes about an hour to get here from Stockholm city by E20 or E4. Follow then the signs to Lida and you will find it with no problems.

You are more then welcome to call us if you have any questions: phone: +46720057840


If you love food… and I know you do, this is the place for you. At Life Camping Life we have the best of the best chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Nicolas Michelin. They are making their amazing buffet every Friday with:

-Pasta salad,
-Grilled Tenderloin beef

This buffet is an awesome choice for you if you have 500kr to spare. The beer bar is a bar where we have the world's most delicious beer.

Les Trois Mousquetaires Porter Baltique.
This beer is signed the best beer 2018 and was made in France and specially transported to Sweden in vacuum packed liquid nitrogen boxes, electronically programmed to keep the perfect temperature. You don't want to miss this! How to cook food when camping

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