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picture of the camping and tents

At Lida, they offer you to camp in tents on the meadow beyond the ski slope when you walk a bit thru the inns, from where you arrive with the bus it is a walk on about 400m. At the camping place, there is a barbecue area with firewood. You can also go to the inn where you can find drinkable water and a café where you can buy food and drinks, and from the camping place, it is a walk for 100m to the beach where you can bathe and try water skiing. The area is very big to camp at, and you are allowed to camp 1-2 days according to the right of public access.

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picture of a fireplace

We at Lida offer you to camp with several fireplaces all over our camping place. We have dry wood and water to extinguish the fire in wooden boxes at the fireplaces, which you can use to make a campfire and always make sure to put the fire out to prevent forest fires. We make sure to fill up the boxes with dry wood to make your camping as pleasant as possible when you're here. If you have further questions about the fireplaces or something else you can always come to our inn to discuss it.

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picture of Lida ski slope

In winter we can offer you skiing, we have one ski slope with a lift that takes you to the top of the ski slope. We also have places where you can go sleighing on many hills. At our inn, we have ski rental for every size and age. At Lida, we have 35 km long cross-country ski tracks where you can take your cross-country skis and go out and exercise. We also plough the lake in winter when the ice is thick enough for you to skate. We have a lot of winter activities in the winter period where you can come and play games.

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picture of Lida water skiing club

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Find Us

Here you can find a map over Lida camping and how to find us.

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Last updated: 2017-11-21