To experience an unusually beautiful and valuable part of Sörmönska nature you can visit Lida camping. People visit campsites for a lot of different reasons. Some go there with school and some might go there to relax, and lose all stress from work or school. As well as getting into nature to avoid all the electronics found in our everyday lives. Lida camping is a perfect place to visit if you want a campsite because it has many different activities and good inns. Lida camping is also good to visit because it is close to the big city which means you do not have to spend so much time travelling to get there and back.

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Lida has a long and nice ski slope that is 250 meters far and has a fall height of 40 meters. It's a perfect beginner slope. In the back there is a button lifter that extends the entire length of the slope, from the lakeside up to the top, and a replicate for children walking in the top of the hill. The difference between the Lidas ski slopes then other ski slopes is that, you don’t need a ski pass to go, because it's free. But to go for the big buttonlift, you need a lift pass, but it's not that expensive. The ski slope opens when the winter starts approaching, and suffering produces artificial snow when the weather is not the best. Ski hire is open when the ski slope is open and has a limited range of alpine skis, ski boots and rods for children, youth and adults. A ski package costs 50 kr. .



Lida has a lot of activities that you can do to spend your time on, these are some of the activities that you can do when you visit Lida:


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